Natural Supplement For Urinary Tract Infections


All Natural Supplement For Urinary Tract Infections

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A scoop a day mixed in a glass of water is all you need!

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A Safe, Effective Natural Alternative To Strong Antibiotics

A "Good" Sugar


Doctors at the NIH refer to our UTI supplement as the "healthy/good" sugar saying that it is beneficial to human health.  

Works Quickly When You Need It


It immediately goes to the bladder where UTI bacteria latch onto the sugar molecules and are quickly rinsed out of bladder.

Medical Research Confirms Results


Clinical studies show this supplement's effectiveness for UTI's. 

What People Are Saying

Customer Reviews


After my mother turned 90 she began struggling with nearly constant UTIs.  She experienced weakness, confusion, and fatigue. Her doctor tried different routines of antibiotics.  Each time she got off antibiotics, a UTI would reoccur.  This year, she began taking Goodbye UTI daily.   During this period, she has not had a single episode.  We have no doubt that Goodbye UTI is responsible for this freedom.  At 95, quality of life is everything.  Removing this health issue from her life allows her to stay active and engaged. – Karen 

I have Crohn's disease and so when I had a urinary tract infection recently and the doctor wanted to put me on antibiotics, I worried because this would only make my Crohn's symptoms worse. So I tried your product and it cleared up the UTI. Thank you for making me aware of this great alternative to antibiotics, so I won't need to worry about how to deal with a UTI in the future. – Gerri 

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Doctor Recommendation


"Since the 1980s D-mannose has eliminated UTIs in 85-90 percent of all of those I’ve recommended it to." - Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD