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All Natural Supplement For Urinary Tract Infections

Doctor Recommended

5 Star Customer Reviews

Made in the USA, in FDA-approved facility

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A scoop a day mixed in a glass of water is all you need!

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A Safe, Effective Natural Alternative To Strong Antibiotics

Natural Sugar Derived From Fruit


Doctors refer to our UTI supplement as a "healthy" sugar. When mixed with water, it goes directly to the bladder.

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Works Quickly When You Need It


UTI bacteria latch onto the sugar molecules and are quickly rinsed out of bladder.

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Medical Research Confirms Results


Clinical studies show this supplement's effectiveness for UTI's. 

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What People Are Saying

Customer Reviews


"At midnight I felt a UTI coming on and started using your supplement. Have taken it 3X now and it is working. So glad I had it handy.” – Judy C

“I have Crohn's disease and so when I had a urinary tract infection recently and the doctor wanted to put me on antibiotics, I worried because this would only make my Crohn's symptoms worse. So I tried your product and it cleared up the UTI. Thank you for making me aware of this great alternative to antibiotics, so I won't need to worry about how to deal with a UTI in the future.” – Gerri S

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Doctor Recommendation


"I started to recommend D-mannose as the first-line treatment for any UTI, with the understanding that if symptoms don’t start to lessen within twenty-four hours or less an actual germ-killing treatment, such as an antibiotic, will likely be needed. 

Since the 1980s D-mannose has eliminated UTIs in 85-90 percent of all of those I’ve recommended it to." - Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD