Natural Supplement For Urinary Tract Health

Fast acting, premium quality, D-mannose powder. 


Natural Supplement For Urinary Tract Health

Fast acting, premium quality, D-mannose powder. 

* There is no guarantee of specific results and results may vary by customer

GoodbyeUTI is Pharmacist Formulated and produced in a USA Based facility with the highest quality standards.

"Since the 1980s D-mannose has eliminated UTIs in 85-90 percent of all of those I’ve recommended it to."

Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD

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Goodbye UTI D-Mannose Powder

D-Mannose Powder, the “Healthy Sugar”

  • Easy-to-use and fast acting!
  • Dissolves in water and tastes great
  • Active UTI: 1 scoop every 2-3 hours for 2 days
  • Chronic UTI management: 1 scoop daily
  • Maintains urinary tract health
  • Supports clean bladder function

Relief in 48 Hours or Your Money Back.
Guaranteed. No questions asked. 

D-Mannose -
The "Good Sugar"

Doctors at the NIH refer to our UTI supplement as the "healthy/good" sugar, saying that it is beneficial to human health.

Works Quickly When You Need It

It immediately goes to the bladder where UTI bacteria latch onto the sugar molecules and are quickly rinsed out of the bladder.

Medical Research Confirms Results

Clinical studies show this supplement's effectiveness in preventing UTIs.

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Results may vary from person to person.