Change your billing or shipping address – Goodbye UTI at The Newtriment Store


CHANGE Your Billing or Shipping Address

Have you moved or just flying south for the winter? We have you covered! Changing the mailing address of your next shipment only takes a minute.
Same if your billing address has changed.

To change your billing or shipping information, click on the bar below. If you need help, we have outlined the steps below that you will take.


Step 1: Provide your email address

Please provide the email address you used to create the subscription. If you are unsure which one you may have used, look at the invoice emails we send each month and use that email address.

Click the green “Continue” button

Your one-time password to access your management portal will expire after 5 minutes!  Please have your email open before starting.

If the one-time password expires, no worries! You can click the “Resend one time password” link.

Step 2: Check your email inbox 

We will send an email just like this from “Beth Kellam" (Our Founder) with the subject line: “Your One-Time Password (OTP)

Please copy this password and return to the window where you entered your email address.

Remember, your one time password will expire after 5 minutes.

Do not close the webpage window you used to enter your email address.  

Step 3: Enter your One Time Password

Return to the window where you entered your email address and paste or type your password.

Click the green “Login” button.

If the password has expired, just click the “Resend the one time password” link and we will send you another!

Step 4: Select Billing and Shipping

Once you are logged in, please look towards to bottom of the window and click on the blue link called "Billing and Shipping Addresses" 

Step 5: Choose to update your billing address or shipping address

On this screen, you will see the your current billing address and your current shipping address. You may click on either one to make needed updates.

You can return to this screen and choose the other after if both addresses require updates.

Step 6: Update your address

Now that you have selected billing or shipping, you will see the current details from your account. You may edit as many fields as necessary.

Once you have completed the updates, please click the green "Update" button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 7: Confirm your new Address

Once complete you will see your new address applied on the "Billing and Addresses" screen.

You're all done!

If you are updating your shipping address, rest assured we will ship your next order to your new address on your renewal date.

NOTE:If you need to change the other option too, simple click that address and repeat the step above.