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Extra Strength UTI Kit
Extra Strength UTI Kit
Extra Strength UTI Kit
Extra Strength UTI Kit

Extra Strength UTI Kit



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The Extra Strength Kit includes two products which work together to manage a Chronic UTI: 

Extra Strength Formula features Acetic Acid (apple cider vinegar) - scientifically proven to dissolve biofilms which are covering hidden colonies of bacteria in the bladder lining. 

D-Mannose Powder flushes out the exposed bacteria out with the urine.

Small Extra Strength UTI Kit: 
Includes 12 oz. Extra Strength Liquid (3 days of treatment) and 1 Jar of D-Mannose 60 grams (enough for first 5 days plus 2 weeks prevention)

Large Extra Strength UTI Kit Includes:
16 oz. Extra Strength Liquid (5 days of treatment, plus 2 weeks prevention) and 1 Jar of D-Mannose 60 grams (5 days treatment, plus 2 weeks prevention)

Take 2 tablespoons Extra Strength Formula, plus a scoop of D-Mannose powder, 3 times a day for 3-5 days. When test strips show that infection is gone, reduce to 1 tablespoon plus a scoop of D-Mannose per day for 30 days. 

Chronic UTIs Require Goodbye UTI Extra Strength Kit

If you are getting 3+ UTIs per year, you have a chronic infection.

This means that the bacteria have burrowed into the bladder lining and covered themselves with a slimy coating called a biofilm. Biofilms are slimy sacs that protect the bacteria, allowing them to mutate and continuously send out new bacteria to cause recurring infections. We call these “nesters”.

When these bacteria float down to the bladder, they cause UTI symptoms (burning, pressure to urinate) We call these “floaters”.

In order to get rid of your chronic UTI, you will need to clear out the floaters AND the nesters!


Extra Strength Formula:

Dissolves the Biofilms and Exposes Nesters The primary ingredient, Acetic Acid (apple cider vinegar), dissolves the biofilms so that the “nesters” are exposed and float down into your bladder. The other botanicals in this formula work to restore the section of the bladder lining which was compromised by the bacteria.

Note: Extra Strength liquid has a very strong taste; we recommend mixing it into your favorite fruit juice or smoothie (we like Fruit Punch Gatorade).


D-Mannose Powder:

Flushes Out “Floaters” Once the biofilm is dissolved, large quantities of bacteria will float into the bladder. There is not enough D-Mannose in the Extra Strength liquid to clear them all out, which is why you also need to also take D-Mannose powder. D-Mannose molecules attract the floating bacteria which attach to the molecules and get flushed out with the urine.

What is Goodbye UTI Extra Strength Formula?

Goodbye UTI’s Extra Strength liquid consists primarily of aAcetic Acid (apple cider vinegar) which dissolves the biofilms which are hiding nests of embedded bacteria.  The exposed bacteria float down into the bladder where they bind to the D-Mannose molecules and are flushed out with the urine.

Several scientific and medical studies have shown that acetic acid is an effective agent against biofilms.

A study published by the NIH in 2015 entitled “Antibiofilm Properties of Acetic Acid” concludes: “We have discovered that not only does acetic acid kill planktonic bacteria but it also eradicates bacteria growing in biofilms.”

Learn more about Goodbye UTI Extra Strength Formula from a professional pharmacist*

Acetic Acid (apple cider vinegar)  another bioactive, fruit-based supplement with unique properties which dissolves the biofilms*.

Biofilms are slimy sacs which are protecting the bacteria which have burrowed into the bladder lining where they are mutating, and continuously sending out new batches of bacteria to start infections. This is primarily why antibiotics have stopped working; once the antibiotics are out of your system, these bacteria emerge and start another infection.

Biofilms are not detectable by the human eye, nor by any available test. But scientific research has shown that apple cider vinegar (or acetic acid) can dissolve the biofilms and expose the bacteria which then float down into the bladder. An accompanying dose of D-Mannose then flushes the bacteria out with the urine.*

Warning: Raw apple cider vinegar purchased at the grocery store will not eliminate biofilms. The Extra Strength formula was developed specifically to address this particular medical issue.

*NOTE: Individual results may vary and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Stay UTI Free with The New "Clear and Protect" Program


Add a jar of D-Mannose powder to your monthly cranberry subscription.  You need to be sure that your bladder is completely clear of bacteria before starting on the Cranberry Plus capsules.

Goodbye UTI D-Mannose Powder 
Each jar of D-Mannose contains 30 servings.  Take 1 scoop a day along with your cranberry capsule until the jar is empty.  

Goodbye UTI Cranberry Plus
Uses the power of 36 PACs per capsule to coat the lining of the bladder wall. 1 capsule per day will ensure that your stay UTI free.