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1 In 5 UTIs Caused By Summertime Fun :-(

1 In 5 UTIs Caused By Summertime Fun :-(

Wet bathing suits and public pools can ruin your Summer with another UTI.   

As we head toward the summer season and temperatures across the US reach 80˚, the cases of urinary tract infections increase substantially (by 20%).

But what exactly is causing this increase in UTI occurrences? Let’s first understand how a urinary tract infection occurs.  When bacteria pass through the urethra and travels into the bladder or kidneys, the bacteria multiply in the urinary tract.  Researchers have identified several factors that could be playing a part in the increase of UTIs in warmer weather.


Wet Bathing Suits      


The coming of summer means lazy weekends by the pool, taking a trip to the ocean, swimming in the lake, and spending lots of time in swimsuits.  One’s swimming hygiene habits or lack thereof can increase the risk of developing recreational water illnesses, especially UTIs. 


Swimming Pools

Swimming pools can be a breeding ground for germs if there is a combination of urine or fecal matter in the water, people not showering before swimming, and low levels of chlorine. Be cautious and monitor the levels of chlorine in your swimming pools to ensure the water is adequately disinfected and decontaminated.  

Germs tend to grow best in warm, moist places. Women are more prone to UTI due to their tight-fitting swimsuits and anatomically shorter urethra that gives easier access to the bladder.



When the temperature begins to rise, there is a greater likelihood of becoming dehydrated. This may be the link between UTIs and summer because when people become dehydrated, they produce less urine to flush out their urinary tract. This gives bacteria the opportunity to grow and possibly cause infection. 


PREVENT the Dreaded Summertime UTI

Don’t get caught defenseless when that horrible “oh no” feeling sets in. Prevention is key and the solution is Goodbye UTI.  Prepare yourself this summer by adding Goodbye UTI® to your daily routine.  Simply mix the powder into a glass of water or your favorite drink and enjoy the protective benefits of this natural UTI supplement.

Keep Goodbye UTI in your medicine chest and if you are traveling, keep it with your daily vitamins or meds.   


Signs of a UTI

There are some signs you can look for if you suspect that you have developed a urinary tract infection. While these signs are not an accurate diagnosis, they are important to pay attention to and mention to your doctor. Common UTI signs include:

  • Pain or burning when urinating
  • Frequency and urgency of urinating
  • Pain in the low back or sides
  • Cloudy or foul-smelling urine
  • Bloody urine — bright red, pink, or cola-colored
  • Fever or chills

Natural UTI Supplement




 At Goodbye UTI®, we are proud to offer a dietary supplement that comes in powder form and is safe, effective, and fast-acting. Simply mix the powder into a glass of water to stop recurring infections. Shop our website today to order your natural UTI supplement and be prepared for summer.

Dementia or Delirium? The Difference May Be a UTI

Dementia or Delirium?  The Difference May Be a UTI

Seniors are at high risk of UTIs. Prevention is CRITICAL.

Older individuals are more susceptible to UTI’s due to a weakened immune system. Many of them may not exhibit any of the typical signs of a UTI such as the burning sensation, or the pressure and pain in their lower abdomen. This is known as “asymptomatic bacteriuria” or ASB.

Almost half of men and women over age 80 living in an assisted living environment will have this condition. The reason that they do not have symptoms is either that their immune systems are unable to fight the infection, or because they may not be able to communicate their discomfort. Without these symptomatic “alarm bells”, an undiagnosed and untreated UTI can quickly lead to complications, such as kidney damage and blood poisoning.

One tell-tale symptom of UTI’s in seniors is a sudden change in mental state.

Medically speaking this is known as “delirium”, but it is often mistaken for the early stages of dementia. Delirium is distinct from dementia because it develops rapidly, over hours to days, rather than months to years. Key indicators of delirium include confusion, agitation, hallucinations, inability to communicate clearly, dizziness, and falling.

Delirium can also be treated and often improves when the UTI is mitigated.

Caregivers and family members should be on the lookout for these signs and, if an active UTI is suspected, immediately add the all natural Goodbye UTI D-Mannose supplement to their daily routine.

The delirium symptoms should begin to diminish quickly (sometimes within 24 hours) if a UTI is the cause.


In long-term care facilities, UTIs account for the second most common infection and the most common cause of hospitalization for bacterial infection. Therefore, it is important for all caretakers – both professionals and those at home – to know the signs and how to treat infections properly, while also seeking to prevent them.  

Monitoring and Diagnosis

The general population is not trained to see the signs of a UTI onset.  Yet, for skilled nurses serving older adults in LTC facilities, diagnosis is an essential element to treating the infection and in fact, can be a matter of life or death

Sedentary lifestyle, dehydration, and inability to effectively communicate all contribute to the challenges that older adults face in getting the timely care they need when infection hits. 

Anyone who has suffered the onset of a UTI can recognize the “uh-oh” feeling that comes along with it. For older adults the onset of a UTI can be harder to diagnose and becomes quickly debilitating – AND can lead to delirium and kidney damage.

Ecoli and Dmannose

Prevention is CRITICAL

While staying hydrated, ensuring cleanliness, and proper nutrition aid in avoiding the onset of a UTI, this is often not enough.  Goodbye UTI is an easy preventative step. Adding a spoonful a day of our all-natural “superfood” nutritional supplement (derived from cranberries, raspberries, and blueberries) to any favorite drink will help prevent UTIs from taking root.

The naturally derived Pure D-Mannose in Goodbye UTI is tasteless and attacks the E. coli bacteria that cause UTIs and flushes it from the system.  It also leaves the body within 60 minutes without entering the bloodstream, and has no known risk of interacting with other drugs.




Antibiotics are NOT the answer.

Prescribing antibiotics to attack infections can strip the body of both good and bad bacteria.  Based on the research, antibiotic overuse is NOT SAFE.

Unlike other over-the-counter symptom-only driven products, Goodbye UTI, an all natural alternative delivers D-Mannose to the source of infection and flushes that infection out without damaging the good bacteria required for balanced health. 


Real UTI Stories:

Here are two examples of seniors showing other symptoms not typically recognized as UTIs. Listen to what happened when these caregivers recognized the symptoms.

After my mother turned 90, she began struggling with nearly constant UTIs.  She experienced weakness, confusion, and fatigue. Her doctor tried different routines of antibiotics.  Each time she got off antibiotics, a UTI would reoccur.  This year, she began taking Goodbye UTI daily.   During this period, she has not had a single episode. We have no doubt that Goodbye UTI is responsible for this freedom. At 95, quality of life is everything. Removing this health issue from her life allows her to stay active and engaged.”

"My [95-year-old] mom rarely gets the classic UTI symptoms. Her UTI indications include confusion, weakness, lethargy, and loss of balance. In the past, clearing them up completely took multiple courses of antibiotics. Thanks to #GoodbyeUTI, that is no longer necessary." 


Research and Clinical Studies

Based on national research conducted in February 2019 among 880 women, about 12 million women over age 50 are “asymptomatic,” leaving them at risk to remain undiagnosed for too long.  Symptoms are mistaken for dementia, and women end up in the hospital with life-threatening kidney infections.

As an alternative to antibiotic use, early clinical trials show that D-Mannose, the key ingredient in Goodbye UTI, may work better to relieve UTI symptoms and protect the bladder against recurring infections with no risk to gut-balancing bacteria.  D-Mannose is a natural, simple sugar known as a monosaccharide, similar to glucose, that the body produces when consuming fruits and vegetables (versus the sugars added by manufacturers to foods). Goodbye UTI’s powder dissolves completely in a glass of water with no taste. It travels directly to the bladder, metabolizing only trace amounts that reduce any impact on blood sugar levels, attracting bad E-Coli bacteria that cause UTIs, rinsing them out of the system, and relieving symptoms quickly.

“The discussion around effective prevention and treatment needs to be broken open", said Goodbye UTI founder, Beth Allan. “We want to let women know that there’s an alternative first line of treatment when faced with a UTI that does not require antibiotics. In fact, we feel that antibiotics should be the last resort.”

UTIs and Women

UTIs and Women

Some women struggle with recurring UTIs.  If you get that “oh no” feeling,  add a scoop of Goodbye UTI® to a glass of water to get safe, effective, fast-acting relief

When it comes to your health as a woman, you strive to do all the right things — eat a balanced diet, pursue an active lifestyle, drink plenty of water, and more. While it’s a great thing to maintain these goals, you could still develop a urinary tract infection (UTI) for a number of reasons. We’ll take a brief look at what a UTI is, some of the symptoms to look out for, and the best ways to protect yourself from developing an infection.

If you’re looking for natural health solutions to prevent recurring UTIs, then be sure to check out our dietary supplement at Goodbye UTI®. Our formula is fast-acting, safe, and effective, providing the relief you need.


What Is a UTI?

A urinary tract infection is an infection that is in any part of your urinary system, including your kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. The majority of UTIs stay in the lower urinary tract where the bladder and urethra are. Women are generally at a higher risk of developing an infection to the shortness of their urethra, which is closer in proximity to the anus and colon.


Common UTI Symptoms

There are a number of common symptoms frequently experienced by those with a urinary tract infection. Sometimes, however, some individuals might experience no symptoms at all. If you are unsure whether you have an infection, schedule an appointment with your doctor to receive a professional medical evaluation. The most common UTI symptoms include:

  • Strong, persistent urge to urinate
  • Passing frequent, small amounts of urine
  • Burning or stinging sensation during urination
  • Cloudy or foul-smelling urine
  • Bloody urine – bright red, pink, or cola-colored
  • Pelvic pain
  • Pain in the lower back or in the sides under the ribs

Recurring UTI Prevention

Types of UTIs

There are three main types of urinary tract infections — acute pyelonephritis (kidneys), cystitis (bladder), and urethritis (urethra). One of the reasons that urinary tract infections can be dangerous is that they can impact the kidneys. Once in the kidneys, the bacteria can easily get into the bloodstream and attack other parts of your body. If you suspect that you have a UTI, be sure to seek medical help right away.


Natural Health Solutions

Some women struggle more than others with recurring UTIs. While there doesn’t seem to be an answer for this, you can take preventative steps to protect yourself from future infections. When you get that “oh no” feeling, simply add a scoop of Goodbye UTI® to a glass of water to get safe, effective, and fast-acting relief. Browse our site to find the pharmacist’s answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Goodbye UTI® and order our natural health solution today.