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Myths and Facts About UTIs

Myths and Facts About UTIs

There are a number of myths about UTIs (urinary tract infections) that continue to persist, which is why we will address some of the common ones in today’s post. Continue reading to see if you still believe some of these myths and discover the facts about urinary tract infections and how to treat them.

At Goodbye UTI®, we want to find treatment options that work with your body in a more natural way, which is why we are proud to offer our natural UTI supplement. Simply add a scoop to a glass of water to enjoy safe, effective, and fast-acting relief from recurring infections. Shop our store to learn more about our dietary supplement and order our natural UTI supplement to get the relief you need.

Myth: Hygiene and clothing choices contribute to UTIs.

The only way that your hygiene can increase your risk for contracting a UTI is if you wipe from back to front. This can easily introduce bacteria from the rectum into the vagina and urethra, that can cause an infection. Aside from this, your hygiene is not causing your UTIs. Additionally, if you prefer to wear tight clothes, they are not contributing either.

Fact: Female anatomy is the biggest risk factor.

As a female, you are naturally more at risk of developing a urinary tract infection for the simple reason of your anatomy. Since the bacteria that generally cause UTIs live in the colon and rectum, the short length of the female urethra means that the opening is close to these areas, which makes you more vulnerable to developing an infection.

One other factor that puts women more at risk is the hormonal fluctuations that come with age. During menopause, your estrogen levels drop, which means that the good bacteria cannot thrive as easily and the bad bacteria can flourish.

Myth: Sexual intercourse causes UTIs.

Interestingly enough, this has some myth and some truth to it. The real myth is that only sexually active women will get urinary tract infections. Abstinence, however, is not the solution to protect yourself from UTIs, as women are most at risk for developing an infection either while pregnant, experiencing menopause, or during perimenopause (menopause transition).


Prevent UTIs

Fact: Sexual intercourse can contribute to an infection.

Sexual intercourse can contribute to the development of an infection since bacteria near the vagina can inadvertently enter the urethra during sexual contact. One of the best things that you can do to protect yourself is to urinate after sex, as this allows your body to flush out any bacteria that may have entered the urethra during sex.

Myth: Only women get UTIs.

Perhaps due to the fact that women get UTIs more than men is the reason that this myth still exists. While women are at a higher risk of developing an infection due to their shorter urethras, this statement is patently false.

Fact: Men, women, children, and even pets can get UTIs.

The surprising truth is that men, women, children, and even your furry friends can all develop a urinary tract infection. UTIs are more common in men who have not been circumcised or have health issues such as incontinence, prostate cancer, or urinary tract stones. While UTIs are not necessarily common in children, girls younger than 12 and uncircumcised boys younger than three months old are at the highest risk of developing urinary tract infections during childhood.

Myth: Longer courses of antibiotics are the best solution.

Antibiotics used to be one of the best weapons in your doctor’s medical arsenal for killing bad bacteria and restoring you to good health. Unfortunately, with the use of antibiotics, bacteria developed more advanced defense systems. When antibiotics are prescribed for a UTI, they are usually ordered for three to five days. Longer courses of antibiotics do not increase the chance of clearing up the infection, but they do increase the risk of antibiotic resistance. In fact, they can also increase your risk of developing a yeast infection or infectious forms of diarrhea.

Fact: Prevention strategies are your best option.

One of the best ways to keep yourself healthy is to implement effective prevention strategies such as maintaining a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Additionally, you can take dietary supplements to support a good nutritional balance and promote the growth of good bacteria in your body.

Natural UTI Supplement

At Goodbye UTI®, we offer a natural UTI supplement to help protect your body from recurring infections. Our dietary supplement is easy to take — simply add a scoop to your glass of water. When you need safe, effective, and fast-acting relief, you want to be sure to use Goodbye UTI®. Shop our store today to order the natural UTI supplement you need.

Benefits of Dietary Supplements

Benefits of Dietary Supplements

At Goodbye UTI®, we offer a natural UTI supplement to help protect your body from recurring infections.

Perhaps you already take multivitamins or other dietary supplements. If you have concerns about getting all of the nutrition you need each day, then adding a supplement to your diet can help. Maybe your doctor even suggested that you add some supplements to improve your overall health or assist in managing certain health conditions. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits that natural supplements can offer.

At Goodbye UTI®, we are proud to offer a natural UTI (urinary tract infection) supplement to help your body fight off the bacteria that cause painful infections. If you struggle with recurring UTIs, then consider adding our fast-acting, effective, and safe natural supplement to a glass of water to prevent future infections. Shop our online store today to find the relief you need.

Adequate Nutrients

In a perfect world, you would be able to get all of the vitamins and minerals that you need each day from the food you eat. Whether due to dietary restrictions, personal preferences, or other reasons, you may be getting insufficient amounts of specific nutrients in your diet. With that in mind, there are a number of dietary supplements that can provide these nutrients to protect you from any deficiency. Check with your doctor to see what supplements you should consider taking based on your age, gender, and dietary patterns. You can look forward to a host of benefits, including:

  • Improved immune function
  • Improved vitamin and mineral levels
  • Naturopathic health support
  • Increased overall health and wellbeing
  • Protection from potential health issues

What Dietary Supplements Are

Dietary supplements are literally any product that is intended to supplement your health. They usually contain one or more herbs, vitamins, or minerals that offer dietary support.
Often we take dietary supplements based on “good faith” that they will deliver the benefits that they claim. For example, we take biotin to have healthier hair and stronger nails, but we’re never sure that it’s working. Or, we take probiotics to promote a healthier digestive tract, but we don’t feel all that much better.

Taking an over-the-counter (OTC) dietary supplement to fight a UTI is new. Doctors and nurses have recently begun recommending that their patients try taking D-Mannose to avoid or relieve UTI symptoms as an alternative to prescribing an antibiotic. Thousands of women have testified that it works to alleviate those painful UTI symptoms within a few hours.


Prevention of UTIs

Not All Over The Counter UTI Dietary Supplements Are Alike

Over the past several years, dietary supplement manufacturers have developed a variety of D-Mannose products. It comes in capsule, tablet, and powder form. It is often mixed with other ingredients such as cranberry extract or hibiscus. It might be sourced from China, Ireland, or somewhere in Canada.

Here’s What To Look For When Choosing D-Mannose:

  • Powder: It dissolves in water and flows straight to your bladder to flush out the bacteria. The capsule form contains an unnecessary ingredient called magnesium stearate and forces the supplement to work through your digestive system to get to the bladder.
  • 100% Pure- D-Mannose: All of the other added ingredients you may see on the label are just “window dressing” and don’t help the D-Mannose work any more effectively.
  • Medical Certification of Quality: The FDA does not certify the quality or efficacy of dietary supplements, so you need some guarantee that the D-Mannose product you’re buying can be trusted. 

Goodbye UTI is 100% pure, D-Mannose and it’s the only product like it that is formulated by a Doctor of Pharmacy in the United States. Simply mix the powder into a glass of water for fast and effective relief. 

Natural UTI Supplement

Even with a well-balanced diet, active lifestyle, and dietary supplements, your body can still come under attack by the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections. At Goodbye UTI®, we offer a natural UTI supplement that is designed to work with your body to protect the urethra, bladder, and kidneys from possible infection. There are a number of reasons why you are more prone to contracting these infections, but you can find the relief you need when you order our safe, effective, and fast-acting dietary supplement. Shop our online store today and say goodbye to UTIs.

What Happens When UTIs Are Untreated

What Happens When UTIs Are Untreated

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are one of the most common infections, which may be why some people think that if they leave them alone, the infection will resolve on its own. This thinking, however, could lead to some very serious health conditions and complications. Learn why it’s important to seek treatment when you have a UTI and avoid unnecessary risks.

Whether you experience urinary tract infections on a regular basis or once in a blue moon, the natural UTI supplement from Goodbye UTI® can provide the relief you need. Our natural health solution is easy to take and works quickly to eliminate the bacteria in your system that are causing the infection. Contact us today to learn more about how our natural UTI supplement can help you.


What Is a UTI?

A UTI is something that about half of all women will experience at some point in their life. A urinary tract infection occurs when germs infect the entire system that carries urine from the body, including the kidneys, bladder, and the tubes that connect these organs. There are three types of urinary tract infections that you might experience — pyelonephritis (kidneys), cystitis (bladder), and urethritis (urethra).


Complications From a UTI

While UTIs that are located solely in the bladder might resolve on their own, it’s important to have a professional medical evaluation to determine the type of infection you have. Left untreated, a UTI can pose serious health consequences and complications, including:

  • Recurrent infections, especially in women who experience two or more UTIs in a six-month period.
  • Permanent kidney damage from an acute or chronic kidney infection due to an untreated UTI.
  • Increased risk for pregnant women in delivering low birth weight or premature infants.
  • Sepsis — potentially life-threatening complication of infections.
  • Sepsis — potentially life-threatening complication of infections.


Relief from UTIs

The primary danger associated with untreated UTIs is that the infection could spread from the bladder to one or both of the kidneys. When bacteria attack the kidneys, they can cause such severe damage as to permanently reduce kidney function. While small, there is also a chance that the infection can move beyond the kidneys to enter the bloodstream and spread to other organs. Traveling through the body in this way, the infection can become very dangerous, even deadly.


Factors That Increase Your Risk of A Serious UTI

There is a limited window of time in which you can try to deal with a UTI on your own by drinking lots of water and/or taking natural supplements. If your symptoms have not gone away completely within 72 hours, you should make an appointment with your doctor and you will likely receive a prescription for an antibiotic to avoid developing a more serious infection.

For those who are monitoring the health of older patients, there are often no traditional symptoms of a UTI, such as the burning sensation. But if you notice that they have suddenly become incoherent or had a change in personality, getting them to a doctor to be tested for a UTI may prevent a trip to the hospital.


    Treatment Options for UTIs

    A large percentage of UTI’s can be resolved within a few days, by taking natural supplements such as D-Mannose, the key ingredient in Goodbye UTI.
    In fact, keeping a jar on hand to use when you get “that feeling” may help you avoid doctor visits, tests, and antibiotics. Our natural UTI supplement is fast acting, easy to take, and comes with a 60-day, money-back guarantee. Order yours today to eliminate UTIs from your life, and enjoy your normal activities without that “oh no” feeling.