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Good News for Chronic UTI Sufferers (and Doctors): A Natural Solution for UTIs

If you’ve had 3+ urinary tract infections within the past year, then you are officially known as a chronic UTI sufferer to the US medical and scientific community. You are also the most perplexing and frustrating patient that urologists and gynecologists are dealing with. Their “tried and true” method of treating UTIs with a prescription for antibiotics is no longer working for 30%-40% of their patients. But don’t blame your doctor: the E Coli bacteria, which are responsible for over 80% of bladder infections, have learned to outsmart the medical and scientific community, causing what the CDC calls “the antibiotics resistance crisis”.

The One-Two Punch

Now there is a set of products to help you fight UTIs on your own.

Punch 1:

D-Mannose powder flushes the “floaters” out of your bladder, and, for many people, this may be all you need to manage your UTI.

Punch 2:

UTI Checkup Test Strips help you quickly measure your urine pH level and alert you to the presence of bacteria in your bladder.