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urinary tract infection natural treatment remedy information for caregivers of the elderly

Test & Treat UTIs At Home

There are four simple, well-known facts about caring for a patient or loved one at home:

1. Seniors Are Vulnerable to Frequent UTIs

Older men and women are very vulnerable to urinary tract infections (UTIs). This is because they tend to have more problems emptying their bladder completely, so the urine sits in the bladder longer and bacteria develop. 

2. UTI Symptoms Can Be Hard to Detect

Seniors are often unable to express or do not feel the typical symptoms of burning, pressure to urinate or pelvic pain that younger UTI suffers can easily identify.

3. UTIs Can Cause Sudden Onset Delirum

If a UTI goes undetected and untreated, it will likely develop into a kidney infection and possibly delirium, which produces sudden behavior changes such as hallucinations and inability to communicate clearly, and is often mistaken for dementia; and


The kidney infection often requires a rush to the hospital emergency room where intravenous antibiotics will be administered to stave off sepsis, and possibly death.

Many of you have described this scary, evolving medical situation to us, and we have done something about it

Now you can monitor your patient’s UTIs right at home with our new test strips and immediately flush out any bacteria that may be there with our D-Mannose powder

Test & Treat Home UTI Kit
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Thanks to our partnership with, we are excited to offer this at home UTI management kit to help caregivers everywhere take control of UTIs.

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Success stories like these are why we love our jobs:

“My mother has had NO UTIs since starting this supplement. She is enjoying the longest time free of recurrent infections and antibiotic meds that she has had in years. At 95, a urinary tract infection has crazy effects on Mom. She will get confused, unsteady, chilled and fatigued; hitting hard and fast without the typical symptoms. We are both so grateful for your formula.” - Karen P

My mother in law was getting UTI all the time which made her have systems of dementia. She was very bad. Now with Goodbye powder she is doing great. She hasn't had a flare in 3 months. -Sandra S

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"Being a caregiver is a selfless and honorable task. We salute your efforts."
- Beth Kellam, Founder of Goodbye UTI

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