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urinary tract infection natural treatment remedy information for caregivers of the elderly

Let's STOP UTI Emergencies Together

We hear terrifying stories from our customers all the time about their rush to the hospital because a urinary tract infection suddenly became an emergency. And caregivers online are actively discussing this topic in support groups.

It can happen in a matter of hours… a UTI turns into a kidney infection accompanied by fever, the fever creates delirium which generates hallucinations and confusion, the infection spreads through the body and becomes sepsis and, in some cases even death.

This scenario is easily preventable. A scoop of Goodbye UTI mixed with water every morning will flush away any active E Coli bacteria that are floating around in the bladder. And it will coat the bladder walls with a protective shield so the bacteria cannot become embedded there. Best of all, this all-natural powder will not cause any undue stress on the body, such as drug interaction effects, because it goes directly to the bladder (does not enter the bloodstream) and is washed out of the system within 30 minutes.

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Caregivers, We’re Listening

We truely understand what it’s like to be a caregiver, and we appreciate your selfless efforts!

“Omg...people have NO idea what it's like to be a caregiver unless you have been one. Your life is not your own, it revolves around the person you are caring for and you are darn lucky if your loved one is in decent mother is wheelchair bound and had such bad dementia that most days she didn't even know me (she thought I was her sister) then the times she was so mean to me...many times I cried in secrecy, and tell myself to shake it off, cause she didn't know what she was one has a clue...God bless the caregiver! “
- Marcia 

“The complexity of caregiving. Along with what all you have posted. Sleep is a luxury. Stress is the glue that holds you together. You are on your own when you decide to care for an individual. I'm currently caring for my mother and I took care of my father 20 years ago. You learn to accept the aspects of the caregiving life. In my case, no one will truly help in a way that is beneficial. You make best with what you got and roll with it.”
– Tonya

“My mother has had NO UTIs since starting this supplement. She is enjoying the longest time free of recurrent infections and antibiotic meds that she has had in years. At 95, a urinary tract infection has crazy effects on Mom. She will get confused, unsteady, chilled and fatigued; hitting hard and fast without the typical symptoms. We are both so grateful for your formula.”
- A Knoxville Area Customer 

"Being a caregiver is a selfless and honorable task. We salute your efforts."
- Beth Kellam, Founder of Goodbye UTI

Goodbye-UTI is Here To Help

We’ve heard from many of you that your patient or loved one frequently suffers from urinary tract infections, which in some cases leads to a state of delirium or confusion. This happens because the patient often does not have any external symptoms, or cannot communicate their discomfort. And so, bam, they are suddenly not making any sense and/or having hallucinations and you think they have dementia. Often, they end up in the hospital on intravenous antibiotics to get rid of the urinary tract infection bacteria…and all of a sudden they’re back to being themselves again. At this point you breathe a sigh of relief and go back to your daily routine.

If you just make one small change to that routine, you may be able to avoid these upsetting changes in behavior and emergency runs to the hospital. Several of our caregiver customers have told us that they put a scoop of Goodbye UTI D-Mannose powder in their patient’s morning juice or tea and, after living with these episodes every few months, have not seen them return.    

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We'd also like to thank

Gary and his team at are a fantastic group doing critical work to assist Caregivers everywhere. In addition, our founder Beth Kellam has participated in a couple interviews for their Podcast and their Caregivers Conversations. Great work Gary!