Natural Supplement For Urinary Tract Infections

The First Newtriment - A Natural Supplement For UTI's


The Discovery and A Tipping Point

We're a team of pharmacists, researchers and marketing experts who have been working with healthcare and pharmaceutical clients for over twenty years.

Our personal experiences with recurring urinary tract infections, and taking antibiotics for too long, led us to do what we do professionally...use market research to find a natural supplement that might help fight UTI's.

Our online searches did not come up with much, so we did our own survey among UTI sufferers across the US.  We found out that this is a huge problem.  83 million women suffer from UTIs and very few are aware that viable, natural alternatives to antibiotics are available. They also feel that the medical community is not dealing with the problem .  

We did find a few forward-thinking physicians who had begun to recommend that their patients take D-Mannose, a nutritional supplement, to help manage their UTI's.  About 6% of UTI sufferers have tried it, and over 95% are extremely satisfied with the results.

All of this  suggested that we are on the verge of a "tipping point", and so we decided to help push it along by introducing Goodbye UTI and spreading the word.

Tapping The Experts To Turn The Vision Into Reality

Identifying a white space in the market is easy.  Figuring out how to manufacture and distribute a product is not.  So, we turned to experts in the nutraceutical business for help in formulating Goodbye UTI.  We partnered with Dr. Dustin DePanicis and his team at Catalyst Nutraceuticals in Georgia.

The Newtriment Store and An Entirely New Category

The word "nutriment" means anything that promotes growth, development or good health.  The Goodbye UTI newtriment is a natural supplement developed specifically to promote urinary tract health.

This is the first of many newtriments in the pipeline today, so stay tuned...

The Newtriment Store Team

Beth Allan


Beth Allan is the founder of The Newtriment Store and CEO of Brand Prescriptives, a marketing and brand consulting firm working with healthcare companies.  

She has over 30 years of experience advising Fortune 500 clients on all aspects of brand management, from product development and package design to advertising and analytics.

Beth lives in Saint Augustine, Florida with her husband.

Dustin DePanicis


As a Doctor of Pharmacy, Dustin DePanicis knows and understands medicinals, herbs and other supplements that can help people function at their peak.  As an entrepreneur he loves the hustle and opportunities that come with helping clients create and launch successful new supplements.  As the founder of a nutraceutical company he has become a leader in sports nutrition. 

Dustin lives in the Atlanta area with his wife and two daughters.

Lauren Eastman


 Lauren Eastman loves telling stories for a living.  In her role as a PR executive, she has spent more than 17 years bringing a unique voice to the businesses she represents, while creating and implementing communications campaigns for lifestyle, hospitality and non-profit  clients.  Lauren is the founder of Issima PR - a public relations,  marketing and content creation firm based in St. Augustine, Florida.  Learn more about her work online at

Lauren lives in St. Augustine, Florida.