Natural Supplement For Urinary Tract Infections

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June/July Newsletter

Look for tips on preventing summer UTI's and a special offer.  Find out about ways to detect and prevent UTI's in your cat.  See our recent article in a renowned long-term care magazine about how to spot the difference between a UTI versus dementia in an elderly family member or friend.


April/May Newsletter

Read about the Mother's Day promotional offer , watch the new video showing how Goodbye UTI works and share both with your friends and family.  Isn't it time to try a new approach to managing and preventing UTI's that actually works?


February/March Newsletter

Stay up on the latest news on nutraceuticals.  In this month's issue get an update on UTI's: read the pharmacist's answers to the most frequently asked questions; hear about new medical research on UTI's; and get special offers.  


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