Natural Supplement For Urinary Tract Infections

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 Thank you, Organic Mom, for sharing the benefits of Goodbye UTI with your readers. We are so glad that it was helpful for you!    Here's a quote from the author: "Goodbye UTI has spared me a lot of physical pain and a lot of fiscal pain too! I cannot say enough about how wonderful this product has been for me as a chronic UTI sufferer. "

New Article on Goodbye UTI In Pharmaceutical Trade Publication


Goodbye UTI was introduced to the pharmaceutical and natural supplement industries this month in the article below.

Goodbye UTI supplement contains d-mannose

Catalyst Nutraceutical LLC Goodbye UTI offers supplement in a powder to be dissolved in a beverage to help stave off urinary tract infections. The product promotes a healthy urinary tract, provides relief from the symptoms of active UTI and prevents future infections with active ingredient d-mannose, a natural sugar that has been shown in early clinical studies to work “more safely and effectively” than antibiotics in fighting UTIs, the Alpharetta, Ga. firm claims. The product retails at $20 for a 30-day supply. 

Recent Article on Goodbye UTI in Premier Long-Term Care Publication


Just published article about a new way to identify the difference between UTI-driven symptoms and dementia in elderly men and women. Learn how Goodbye UTI can prevent these episodes. 

Listen To An IHEART Radio Interview With Our Pharmacist


Dr. Kelly Allan, PharmD Describes How Goodbye UTI Works

In a recent interview on IHeart Radio's Health Segment , our pharmacist, Kelly Allan was asked to explain how Goodbye UTI works differently than antibiotics to relieve Urinary Tract Infections.