Natural Supplement For Urinary Tract Infections



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June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month and we want to recognize, and thank, all of you who are caring for patients with various forms of dementia.  That's why we're offering this special promotion just for you.

We are also making it our mission to educate you - both professionals and in-home caregivers - that urinary tract infections can cause dementia-related symptoms in elderly patients.    A UTI rarely causes clear symptoms such as burning sensation or frequency of urination in these patients; in fact, it might not involve pain or discomfort at all.  This is known as "asymptomatic bacteriuria" or ASB.  And because the UTI remains undiagnosed, it can become so serious that they need to be rushed to the hospital for treatment.   

The good news is that ASB's, unlike dementia, are usually cleared up within days of being treated with antibiotics. Even better news, this condition, and all of the related worrying,  can be prevented altogether by giving your patient a scoop of Goodbye UTI each day.  See a customer story here.

The team at Goodbye UTI has created a simple diagnostic tool for caregivers to spot the difference between ASB's and dementia, called SCANS. Look for: 

Sudden personality changes: change in behavior occurs rapidly, in a matter of hours or days

Communications difficulty: Reaching for words or having difficulty putting sentences together

Attention issues: repeating the same thoughts or easily distracted, not alert

Neurological symptoms: unsteady walk,tremors, twitches

Short-term memory loss: trouble remembering details, confusion about where they are, what they did

If any or all of these symptoms are present,  check for a UTI with a urine test strip; if positive, make an appointment with their doctor.  Better yet, prevent your patient from getting a UTI by giving them a scoop of this natural sugar supplement in their coffee or tea at breakfast.