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Read About The Consequences of The UTI Stigma

Women are too embarrassed to talk about it, and doctors won't tell you the truth about it either.  Read our point of view about the serious consequences of not talking about UTI's.

New York Times Article On UTI's and The Antibiotics Crisis

A New York Times article entitled "Urinary Tract Infections Affect Millions.  Cures Are Faltering"  was published on  July 13th, 2019 by Matt Richtel.   The article highlights an issue which has been an increasing focus of medical news for the past few months: UTI's, one of the most common infections, and once easily treated with antibiotics, are becoming a serious health problem.

 We here at The Newtriment Store have been focused on this issue for more than a year.  Our singular goal is to raise awareness about the option to take a natural supplement called Goodbye UTI for the prevention of UTI's .

Specifically the article says  "But there is growing evidence that the infections, which afflict millions of Americans a year, mostly women, are increasingly resistant to these medicines, turning a once-routine diagnosis into one that is leading to more hospitalizations, graver illnesses and prolonged discomfort from the excruciating burning sensation that the infection brings." 

Join us in sharing this article and spreading the word about our new non-antibiotic solution to dealing with UTI's. 



 Urinary-tract infections are the most common of all bacterial infections in the United States, and the E Coli bacteria which cause them are becoming immune to antibiotics.  Watch this segment which shows these bacteria quickly learn how to mutate and become resistant to Cipro, the antibiotic that US doctors commonly prescribe for a UTI.

Next time you get that "oh no" feeling, try Goodbye UTI first.  Why not?  And if you don't feel better in 48 hours, see your doctor.